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KISx Card

Surgery. Imaging. Simplified.

The KISx Card (Pronounced Kiss) was created as a solution for self-funded employers to tackle egregious surgical pricing while bringing simplicity to the employee experience. The KISx Card focuses on high cost/low incidence surgeries within Orthopedic, General Surgery, Colonoscopies, and Major Imaging. Our direct provider “non” network is built on a bundled price model with a quick payment turnaround time to the facility, surgeon and anesthesiologist. KISx Providers are able to fill beds and get paid quickly within 7 days while avoiding delayed traditional reimbursement. The savings to the employer is so substantial that they are able to waive employee deductibles while offering a cash incentive for engaging in the program.

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The KISx Card

We offer a seamless experience for employer, employee, broker and third-party administrator alike. We structured the KISx card to be a stand beside program. There is no disruption to the current health plan nor broker/consultant. We have invested countless hours working with top ERISA attorneys to establish the proper plan documentation so you can focus on what is most important.

KISx Card
  • No Change of Broker
  • No Change to Health Plan
  • The Answer to a Self-Funded Employer's High Cost Claims.

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Top Procedures

Save an average of over 60%.

Procedure: National Avg. Price: KISx Card Price:
Lumbar Laminectomy $77,000 $10,190 (87% Savings)
Thyroidectomy $38,000 $6,100 (84% Savings)
Microdiscentomy Lumbar $40,000 $9,600 (76% Savings)
Knee Arthroscopy w/Anterior Ligament $35,000 $7,250 (79% Savings)
HIFU for Prostate Cancer $50,000 $25,000 (50% Savings)
Breast Reconstruction $30,000 $7,980 (73% Savings)
Total Knee Replacement $40,000 $22,500 (55% Savings)
Anterior Cervical Discectomy $40,000 $18,960 (53% Savings)
Total Hip Replacement $45,000 $25,000 (44% Savings)
Cholecystectomy $12,000 $5,865 (51% Savings)
Hemorrhoidectomy $6,000 $2,560 (57% Savings)
Transurethral Resection of the Prostate $9,000 $3,500 (61% Savings)
Carpal Tunnel Release $4,000 $2,750 (31% Savings)

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The KISx national footprint of doctors & facilities provides complete coverage for over 97% of Americans and spans 46+ states, 1,600+ surgery facilities, and 2,600+ Imaging locations.

Let us show you the power of our program.

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A Real KISx Card Audit

A real audit of a 600 life group with 1 year of data

Procedure: Plan Paid: KISx Card Price: Savings
Lumbar Decomp/Fusion of Bones $65,952 $29,400 $36,552
Total Knee Replacement $84,139 $26,500 $57,639
Bilateral Knee Replacement $63,322 $27,000 $36,322
Total Knee Replacement $47,753 $22,500 $25,253
Total Knee Replacement $43,631 $26,500 $17,131
Partial Knee Replacement $28,917 $18,550 $10,367
Partial Knee Replacement $29,049 $18,550 $10,499
Partial Knee Replacement $31,577 $18,550 $13,027
Partial Knee Replacement $25,026 $18,550 $6,476
Lumbar Decomp/Fusion of Bones $80,155 $29,400 $50,755
Hip Replacement & Carpal Tunnel Release $66,419 $26,025 $40,394
Total Hip Replacement $46,622 $23,400 $23,222
Hip Arthroscopic $27,071 $5,300 $21,771
Lumbar Decomp $26,639 $9,700 $16,939
Lumbar Decomp/Fusion of Bones $97,771 $29,400 $68,371

Total Potential Savings: $434,718

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Case Studies

Actual claims from real KISx Card members

Total Knee Replacement
Plan Price:
KISx Card All-Inclusive Price:
Total Hip Replacement
Plan Price:
KISx Card All-Inclusive Price:

Our high-performance program has the ability to save your members $6,250,000 per 25,000 members annually.

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How It Works for the Employee

Taking advantage of the KISx Card is simple



An employee calls a KISx Card Nurse at 877-GET-KISX to find out about their procedure and how the program works. Their KISx Card Nurse will assist in finding the right facility in their backyard.



The employee's KISx Card Nurse will help schedule their procedure. Upon scheduling, they will then provide them with a voucher to take to their initial consultation.



The employee will NOT pay anything out of pocket for choosing a KISx Card provider. Every aspect of their procedure is covered through the KISx Card.



After the employee has their procedure through a KISx Card provider, they will also receive a taxable financial bonus in addition to the $0 out of pocket expense for their procedure.

“Recently I had an opportunity to take advantage of the Kisx Program offered by Family Design Resources. I had a wonderful experience every step of the way; whether with the efficiency of KISx working with me or the excellent care and compassion of the orthopedic specialists who performed my surgery and follow up. I received a significant dividend for using the program and at the same time was also able to save FDR a large sum of money. I would recommend this program to anyone.”

Family Design Resources

“I wish I knew about the KISx Card sooner. Not only was I able to get a surgery I had put off for years with no out of pocket expense, I was able to use the cash incentive towards my wedding!”

KISx Patient
OSS Orthopaedic Hospital

“We’ve had an employee use the KISx card. He had a great experience- said it was easy to use, and they had his wife’s appointment scheduled in 2 days. Best of all- it truly cost nothing.”

HR Director
St. Louis, MO

“I can’t tell you how much the KISx Program has meant to us as a family and my son, individually! You have helped us on such a long journey this past year. From my son’s wisdom teeth to getting his deviated septum taken care of, you walked us through every step of the way. (Wisdom teeth had to happen first, then all the ENT appointments could begin). Having the bundle all taken care of up front and knowing that I wouldn’t need to produce anything for each office visit was tremendous!”

KISx Patient
HVAC Company

KISx Leadership Team

Get to know a little about your KISx Card team members that are here to make your experience as easy as possible.

TJ Morrison

TJ Morrison

Mike Reese

Mike Reese

Director of Operations
Brian Miller

Brian Miller

VP of Client Management - KIS Imaging
Whitney Morrison

Whitney Morrison

Director of Nursing and Clinical Operations
Geoffrey Rosina

Geoffrey Rosina

Vice President of Sales

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